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Kitchen Tips
Hundreds of helpful hints and tips!

Kitchen Glossary
Everything from A la king to Zwieback.

Dietary Exchange Tables
For diabetics and those on medically directed diets.

Find Professional Dietitians in the U.S.,
Canada, Britain, and Australia.
For personal dietary assistance.

The Nutrition Source
Knowledge for Healthy Eating (Harvard School of Public Health)

Food and Diet Guides:
- New! MyPyramid Food Guidance System
- Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005
- Diabetes Food Pyramid
- FAQ: Healthy Diet for Women

USDA Food Search
Quick nutritional information for over 6000 foods.

USDA Nutrition Lists of Common Foods and Beverages
Easy look up! (PDF)

Guide to Meat Cuts: Beef, Pork, Veal, and Lamb.
Descriptions, images, and cooking methods.

Health Guide
Clear and concise information about common health problems.

U.S. Toll-Free Health Information
Help is just one phone call away.

A Women's Guide to Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation
An alcohol and drug rehab for women offers gender-specific treatment for females struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, dual diagnosis, and relationship difficulties.