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Meal Prep (min) Cook (min) Cals Fat Fat% Chol Carb
Cheese Flautas
Sweet Potato Soup
Savory Rice
Havana Banana
30 30 1117 26.1g 21% 9mg 194.0g
Chicken Cacciatore Pie
Spinach Salad
Vanilla Ice Cream with Sautéed Pears
35 40 610 22.6g 33% 160mg 72.2g
Chili with Rice
Ranch Salad
Colusa Corn Muffins
Lime Salad Supreme
40 60 846 26.2g 28% 80mg 120.7g
Italian Vegetable Rice Soup
Colusa Corn Muffins
Apple Cobbler
30 35 827 15.0g 16% 50mg 155.5g
Lamb Chops with Lemon Sauce
Spinach Fettucine with Bacon and Mushroom Sauce
Garden Squash Saut
Easy Fudge Dipped Strawberries
35 15 1048 52.9g 45% 115mg 110.7g
Lime Salad Supreme
Steamed Summer Squash
Banana Mango Liquado
35 10 833 23.0g 25% 53mg 111.3g
Pork Chops Italiano
Italian Salad
Potatoes with Rosemary
Baked Apples
30 45 792 24.4g 28% 81mg 119.2g
Quick Hoppin' John with Bacon
Creamed Lemon Spinach
Buttermilk Corn Bread
Apple Salad
30 30 936 23.7g 23% 111mg 154.3g
Shrimp Stir-Fry with Lemon Rice
Sesame Green Beans
Stewed Rhubarb with Ginger Cookies
25 30 766 19.0g 22% 172mg 114.5g