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Meal Prep (min) Cook (min) Cals Fat Fat% Chol Carb
Apricot Garlic Chicken Wings
Potluck Vegetable Pasta
Apple and Celery Salad
Old Fashioned Blueberry Poppy Seed Cake
45 45 1157 46.7g 36% 136mg 156.7g
Bacon Mini Potatoes
Stewed Tomato and Zucchini
Almond Cake with Berries
35 35 461 19.9g 39% 76mg 64.7g
Baked Cassis Chicken
Microwave French Onion Soup
Pasta with Vegetables
Blackberry Jam Cake
60 105 2056 110.9g 49% 421mg 162.7g
Barbecued Chicken
Mom's Potato Salad
Creamy Cucumber Salad
Melon Fruit Salad
35 40 1077 49.6g 41% 242mg 88.6g
BBQ'd Beef Tenderloin
Four-Bean Bake
Dutch Coleslaw
Brown Sugar Pudding
35 75 1080 44.8g 37% 336mg 128.3g
Beef and Bean Casserole
Cilantro Rice
Cinnamon Chocolate Coffee
30 65 945 34.3g 33% 76mg 127.4g
Beef Braised in Rosemary Wine Sauce
Corn and Bell Pepper Salad
Cheese Onion Bread
Coffee Ice Cream
40 50 1094 62.5g 51% 276mg 75.9g
Beef Steaks Lyonnaise
Molasses-Glazed Vegetables
Mixed Green Salad
Almond Sour Cream Cake
40 35 722 29.9g 37% 132mg 82.2g
Broiled Rainbow Trout with Rosemary
Creamed Lemon Spinach
Red Pepper Rice
Blue Cheese Walnut Wafers
Cantaloupe with Honey Lime Dressing
40 25 754 30.2g 36% 75mg 91.2g
Brown Rice and Vegetable Pizza
Honey Dijon Spinach Salad
Cherry Tapioca Pudd
25 15 624 12.3g 18% 127mg 107.2g
Chicken with Lemon Parsley Butter
Carrots and Yams a l'Orange
Creamy Broccoli Slaw
Alice's Heavenly Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting
55 30 1275 69.2g 49% 195mg 116.5g
Chilled Yellow Pepper and Buttermilk Soup
Shrimp Dijon
Creamed Lemon Spinach
Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
35 20 922 65.3g 64% 370mg 47.3g
Chimi Churri Steak
Creamy Greens
Blue Corn Muffins
Banana Cream Cake
40 35 899 40.7g 41% 136mg 96.9g
Deep Fryer Stuffed Mushrooms
Salmon in Lime Ginger Sauce
Spinach Balls
Baked Polenta
Honeyed Fruit Tarts
60 40 1320 59.4g 41% 364mg 117.9g
Grilled Garlic Sirloin
Cheesy Grilled Potatoes
Grilled Corn on the Cob
Glazed Grilled Peaches
30 35 835 22.6g 24% 137mg 113.1g
Grilled Skirt Steak with Parsley Jalapeño Sauce
Baby New Potatoes in Foil
Ranch Lettuce Salad
Decadent Chocolate Ice Cream
40 60 1334 76.4g 52% 274mg 126.4g
Grilled Turkey Patties
Lemon Broccoli
Mashed Sweet Potatoes
Strawberries with Creme Sauce
25 20 690 21.7g 28% 120mg 83.5g
Italian Vegetable Rice Soup
Easy Chicken Pitas
Pear Cobbler
30 35 1041 15.4g 13% 79mg 173.5g
Linguine with Ham
Summer Squash and Pepper Salad
Berry Peach Sundaes
25 25 1093 38.5g 32% 233mg 154.2g
Mustard Roasted Chicken
Creamed Lemon Spinach
Golden Mashed Potatoes
Chocolate Kahlua Cake
35 55 738 27.3g 33% 179mg 61.0g
Parmesan Turkey Breasts
Garden Squash Sauté
Broiled Bananas
Rice Cooker Lemon Dill Rice
35 30 1043 19.4g 17% 139mg 163.8g
Slow Cooker Mexican Beef Soup
Broccoli with Bacon and Pine Nuts
Sweet Mexican Pudding with Frozen Yogurt
30 480 690 22.7g 30% 64mg 89.9g
Vegetarian Lasagne
Steamed Green Beans
Garlic Cauliflower
Orange Smoothie
35 70 882 12.6g 13% 13mg 165.1g