Tailgate Finger Food - Heat & Eat Chicken Wings

Tailgate Finger Food - Heat & Eat Chicken Wings

Choose from 3 types of pre-cooked chicken wings and save!   (click image to order)

           bbq chicken wings     buffalo-style wings

                 Italian Style Wings                                              BBQ Wings                                                         Hot & Spicy Buffalo Wings

TAILGATE SPECIAL                    


Our wings come in 2 ½ lb. packages and each package has on average 27 wings.  You will always save more when you buy multiple packages.

One package     - 2 ½ lb. (27 wings)      = $79 delivered
Two packages    - 5 lb.  (54 wings)        = $119 Delivered
Three packages - 7 ½ lb. (81 wings)     = $159 Delivered          Click on images above to order!

Add one additional flavor or any other purchase and receive a $10 discount on every item purchased.

Friday night for high school, Saturday afternoon for college and Sunday for the pros... it's tough to beat a fall football party & game.

When you are throwing a tailgate party you don't want a lot of fussing around preparing food.  Your guests are looking for something easy to manage in a walking around situation as opposed to a sit-down meal.  Finger food is your best option.  You can't go wrong with burgers and brats but another all-time favorite for football games are chicken wings.

heat & eat wings
Chicken wings - a finger-food favorite

According to the National Chicken Council, cooking wings in a peppery hot sauce was born in 1964 at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York, when co-owner Teressa Bellissimo cooked leftover wings in hot sauce as a late-night snack for her son and his friends. The guys liked them so much that the Bellissimos put them on the menu the next day. Served with celery slices and bleu cheese sauce, “Buffalo Wings” were an instant hit.

Chicken wings meet football... what great partners.

The link between chicken wings and football in the US is another interesting story.  In the last half of the 21st Century it was most common to sell chickens either whole or cut up but with all the parts in one package.  However, beginning in the 80s U.S. consumers started preferring boneless-skinless breast meat, and wings became an inexpensive byproduct for chicken producers. Restaurants and bars realized they could charge low prices for the relatively inexpensive protein, and due to the spicy/salty nature of the sauce, they discovered that beer sales would go through the roof when customers ate wings.

heat & eat chicken wings
Tailgate Party Finger Food

Around this same time, a new trend in the restaurant industry was becoming very popular, sports bars.  With multiple TVs and satellite dishes, the most popular sporting event to watch with friends in bars was football. Wings are easily shareable and affordable, a great “group food” to eat with other people, and what's better for pairing with a cold bottle of beer?

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