About us

About Us

Who is Meals For You?

We are a small band of folks who love food.  We love to talk about it.  We love to shop for it. We love to visit new places and learn about new foods.  It’s often been said that we never met a meal we didn’t like.  That is perhaps a bit of a stretch but not by much.  One of the founders, Pat La Jeunesse got his start in the food business as a young teenager selling hotdogs, hamburgers, ice cream and candy at a local swimming hole over the summer to earn some walking around money.  From there,  Pat went on to a career as a grocer first working in a large corporate environment for many years and later moving to the non-corporate world of retail food helping smaller brands and independent retailers take full advantage of the world of digital marketing.  Pat and his partner Chris Hoffman the technology expert in the business, decided to team up and enter the exciting world of e-commerce.  Having worked for decades within the brick and mortar world of retail food, we understand what folks want when shopping for their family's food.  The food must be fresh, wholesome, tasty, and at times a bit out of the ordinary.  Online food shoppers also expect competitive prices while at the same time they expect their online shopping experience to be convenient and easy to accomplish. We launched Mealsforyou.com in order to bring our customers great wholesome food and with it offer lots of food-related information to help both the experienced family chefs and the aspiring beginners keep track of new and exciting trends of food preparation.