Beef Filet Trim Explained

At MealsForYou, we offer two levels of beef filet trim for our filet mignon steaks: basic trim and gourmet full trim.

Whole Tenderloin

The Whole Beef Tenderloin - strap off / silverskin on

When breaking down a beef carcass, the tenderloin is the most tender and the most expensive cut of meat per pound.  In order to hold down some of the expense of this cut, butchers offer various beef filet trim levels.   The whole tenderloin is where you get filet mignon steaks and Chateaubriand.  Depending on the filet trim level that is done when processing your meat, there will be as much as a 30% difference in the weight of the whole tenderloin.  The difference is the amount of waste left on tenderloin compared to the lean meat.


Filet Mignon - basic trim

Filet Mignon - basic trim

Basic Trim

This is, of course, the least expensive trim level on a per pound basis for our filet mignon steaks.  As long as you are willing to spend a few moments of prep time when getting your steaks ready to cook, you can save a significant amount of money per steak.

There are two elements that you will want to remove prior to cooking in order to maximize your eating enjoyment.  These two waste items are the chain or strap (a thin, fibrous muscle which runs the length of the tenderloin along one side only) and the silverskin (a thin membrane, silver in appearance, which is found on the top of the tenderloin).  You should remove any excess fat and silverskin using a sharp knife prior to cooking any filet that comes with this most basic trim.

Barrel Cut Filet Mignon - Gourmet trim

Barrel Cut Gourmet Trim Filet Mignon

Gourmet full trim

Not interested in having to trim your steaks?   We have a good solution for you.  Simply choose the barrel cut black Angus beef filets as they have all excess fat, the chain and silverskin removed.  While this will be a more expensive steak on a price per pound basis, you will have absolutely no waste and a most tender, melt-in-your-mouth steak to boot.