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Earn funding for your club, school, church, group or team effortlessly.

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Ezy-Pezy™ Fundraiser

Sound simple?  It is! Learn how here.

Your donors and supporters will love your Ezy-Pezy™ Fundraiser event because there is no pressure to buy on the spot.  They simply do what most folks love to do… shop for delicious food online that gets delivered directly to their door with no charge for shipping.

It’s so easy and laid back we call it Ezy-Pezy™ Fundraising.

Here’s how it works.

If your club, school, church, group or team needs to raise funds for a special project, or simply to pay the bills.  All you do is visit our
Contact Us webpage and give us the contact person's name, email address, and phone number so that one of our Ezy-Pezy™ Fundraiser ambassadors can get in touch with you and help plan your successful Ezy-Pezy™ Fundraiser.

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Getting Started

Register your group for participation in an Ezy-Pezy™ Fundraiser Event. Give us contact information so we know who can answer questions and where to send your money.  Tell us briefly what you hope to accomplish and what the earned money will be used for.  It all takes about 5 minutes.

Within 2 business days, one of our event planners will be in contact with you. We will design a custom fundraiser just right to fit your needs.  It can be ongoing where the program is available via a link on your website. Or, it can also be designed to run for a limited time involving all members of your school, band or team.   Need a fundraiser that individual members can use to earn money toward a goal like paying for a group trip?  In that case, we will create an individual program where all commissions go to the member's fundraising account.

We provide full color creative

Our Creative department will produce a rough draft of a customized information sheet that members can use to help explain the reason that your group is seeking funds and suggest how potential donors or supporters can help make your goal.  All that your supporters need to do is something that they love to do anyway… shop. These hand-outs will also contain easy to follow instructions on how supporters can participate and help you achieve your fundraising goal.  Within these instructions will be a unique event code that they will need to use when making their online purchase of foods which generate your commission.

Once you sign off on the proof, your informational handout will be finalized and saved in a pdf format. Within three business days, you will receive an email informing you that it’s ready to be downloaded. You can print copies of the info sheet on any printer you wish.  We will also be happy to provide printed copies for distribution.

Running your event

Here is where your members get involved. Each student or member of your team, club or group gets a supply of the information sheets.  You may also like to provide electronic copies of the pdf file to folks so that they can easily share it with friends and relatives via email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

Your special event code will be active and valid for a period of ninety days from the date the pdf was made available to you. However, to instill a sense of urgency and need for a timely response, the informational brochure will specify a date to end ordering that is roughly four weeks out from the launch of your event.  Orders that come in after that date will still be processed.  Your organization will still receive your commission provided that the ninety days of the life of the code has not expired.

That’s all there is to it.

Pretty Ezy-Pezy™, don’t you agree? During the promotion, we will send you updates once each week with the results of your event and a running total of the commissions earned to date.

Approximately forty-five days after the launch date of your special event code, a check will be mailed to your organization for all commissions earned to date (minimum $50). Ninety days after the launch of the event, a final check will be mailed for all remaining commissions earned.  We will also provide a complete sales report showing the group sales and profit as well as individual student sales and profit.

This sounds too good to be true… what’s the catch?

It’s all true, and for the most part, it’s quite easy.  There is, however, one thing that your members and potential donors will be faced with in most cases: STICKER SHOCK.  Let us explain and help you address it…

Everyone knows that meat and seafood items tend to be among the most expensive items in their grocery cart.  On top of that, our mealsforyou.com items don’t come in a grocery cart.  They get flash frozen to preserve freshness, are loaded into a reusable Styrofoam cooler, packed in dry ice, shipped by Fed Express and delivered directly to the donor’s home.  While that is a tremendous convenience to the purchaser, it will cost more to order online than shopping at a supermarket.

Millions of shoppers buy meat & seafood online

That said, millions of folks across the US order billions of dollars of online meat each year from companies like Mealsforyou.com, Omaha Steaks, Kansas City Steaks, Snake River Farm, Lobstergram, and dozens of other online meat and seafood companies.  At Mealsforyou.com, we have taken that into consideration and we aim to be as price competitive as possible.  Every time you visit our website you will find that we always have discounted items available.

We even take it a step further.

In the pricing area of each item, we have a button where shoppers who have found a very comparable item available online at a lower price can let us know where.  We then look at that offer and see if we can match it for them.

The cost of merchandise is really the only area where you and your members will encounter strong resistance… unless, of course, the potential supporter is a vegan or vegetarian.  Sorry, but we still need to work on a good solution for that concern.  But yes, we are working on solutions for non-meat eaters as well, coming sometime soon.

So – How do we earn our Ezy-Pezy™ fundraiser commissions?

We’ve teamed up with Mealsforyou.com, a purveyor of delicious, high-quality meats and seafood.  Your donors and patrons will be directed to their website.   There they will find a wide selection of popular items available to order. At all times several items will be featured on sale.  After selecting the items that they wish to order, shoppers simply place them in the online shopping cart.  Next, they hit the checkout button.   At the beginning of the check-out process, the shopper will see a box where they input your event code.  (This will also be clearly explained on the information sheet that you hand out.)

Here is what the Shopper gets

  • As part of an Ezy-Pezy™ Fundraiser event they receive a special event 10% discount off their entire purchase, sale items included.
  • Except for orders to Alaska or Hawaii, all shipping is included in the prices listed on the website. What they see is what they pay.
  • Their order will be delivered in a reusable Styrofoam chest with enough dry ice to keep it frozen in transit.
  • Any shopper who purchases more than one item will automatically get an additional $10 discount off each item ordered.

Here is what your club, school, church, group or team gets for running an Ezy-Pezy™-Fundraiser event

  • Commissions – We love to pay commissions for our Ezy-Pezy™ Fundraiser events.  Furthermore, what is good for your group is good for our company as well.  When a shopper enters your unique event code, for every item purchased your organization will earn a $5 commission. For example, if a shopper buys a package of chicken breasts, a beef roast, and a 4-lb. package of ground sirloin beef, your organization will earn a $15 commission off that single order.
  • Goal Buster Bonus – When setting up your Ezy-Pezy™ event, you and your fundraiser ambassador will determine a reasonable and expected event goal for the total number of items ordered using your unique code. Once that goal is met, every additional sale will earn an extra 50% commission – or an extra $2.50 per sale.
  • Individual Incentive program - For larger organizations (15 or more donation seekers), we can set up a team member incentive program. Members can be rewarded for doing an outstanding job of supporting your Ezy-Pezy™ Fundraiser event.  Mealsforyou.com will provide the prize. Let us know if you are interested in including an incentive element to your next event.

Earning several hundred dollars in commissions is not too difficult.  You have no inventory, no orders to take and no deliveries to make. It’s really Ezy-Pezy™.     Do you have more questions? ... or are you are ready to register for your next Ezy-Pezy™ Fundraiser event?  Just reach out to us on our Contact Us page.  Be certain to leave a name, phone number and email address along with the name of your organization.

Ready to get Started?
Ezy-Pezy™ Fundraiser