No surprises…what you see is what you pay.
Free Shipping
There is most definitely a cost to ship food items that need to be kept cool or frozen.  Actually, the cost of shipping often amounts to more than the cost of what you are ordering.  It’s a cost of doing business so why do we all make more of it than necessary?  Everyone hates the cost of shipping but even more than that, we hate being surprised by freight after we went through the effort of deciding to make a purchase.  Sometimes, seeing shipping added to the bill gives us so much sticker shock that we get a sudden case of buyer’s remorse and click the X in the upper right corner, abandoning our shopping cart.

So why no shipping at          

Our customers are smart shoppers and they realize that the cost of shipping is real, and no magic formula can make it just vanish.  However, because we, like other online businesses, do lots of shipping and we are able to negotiate good shipping rates with the major carriers.  We also don’t believe that any amount of profit should ever be built into the cost of shipping. So, when we price our items for sale on the website, we take into account our average cost of freight with no markup and simply add that onto the retail price that already has the profit needed to run our business.

At first glance when you compare our price to other food websites it may seem that some of those other sites have better pricing but please take a closer look before making that call.  Pick a comparable item from their site, place it in their shopping cart and head to check out. Once you type in your delivery address and total out the order before giving your credit card information, check the total.  We are very confident that when you compare the competitive site’s total including shipping you will be pleasantly surprised that our all-inclusive price is in your favor.