Center Cut New York Strip Steaks


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Evenly trimmed for precise grilling – the strip steak is one of our most popular. 

These incredibly juicy steaks are cut from the heart of the loin. They’re evenly marbled, with a sweet, yet robust flavor—and we trim them precisely for even grilling throughout.

We offer our strip steaks in three sizes and approximate thicknesses of cut:


  • 8-oz. strips – 1″ thick
  • 10-oz. strips – 1 1/4″ thick
  • 12-oz. strips  – 1 1/2″ thick


Always shipped frozen inside a reusable insulated cooler packed in dry ice.




Earn up to 359 Points Points.

Earn up to 359 Points Points.

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Good marbling and a strong beefy flavor. Not as robust as ribeye, but much easier to trim with no large pockets of fat, making it an easy-to-cook, easy-to-eat cut.

You will want to  pan fry, broil or grill this steak.  It's easier to grill than ribeyes, as less fat means less flarreups, and less burning.  Combining an ideal amount of big beefy flavor with remarkable tenderness. It’s hard to go wrong with a strip steak, and as long as your goal is searing the outside to a crisp, caramelized crust and keeping the inside pink you’ll have one of the very best steak experiences around with minimal effort.

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