Filet Mignon – basic trim


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French, of course, with filet meaning “thick slice” and mignon meaning “dainty.”

Cut from the very heart of the tenderloin, the Filet Mignon remains unsurpassed for flavor.  Each exceptional steak is carefully aged to reach its full potential for flavor and tenderness, then vacuum-sealed and quick-frozen to retain every drop of juiciness.

Note – This grade of filet requires further trimming to remove the silverskin connective tissue.  We also offer our full barrel cut Angus Beef filets that are fully trimmed and ready to cook.

We offer our filets in four sizes:

  • 4-oz. Filets Mignons approximately 1″ thick
  • 6-oz. Filet Mignons approximately 1 1/4″ thick
  • 8-oz. Filet Mignons approximately 1 3/4″ thick
  • 10-oz. Filet Mignons approximately 2″ thick

Click here to learn about our tenderloin trim standards.


Always shipped frozen inside a reusable insulated cooler packed in dry ice.


Earn up to 319 Points Points.

Earn up to 319 Points Points.

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The champion of beef cuts

Filet mignon comes from the small end of the tenderloin which is found on the back rib cage of the animal. This area of the animal is not weight-bearing, thus the connective tissue is not toughened by exercise. The result is an extremely tender steak.

A note about tenderloin trim standards.

Click here to learn about our tenderloin trim standards.  This grade of filet does contain the silverskin, a thin membrane of connective tissue which you will want to remove.  It's really quite easy.  Just take your time with a sharp boning or paring knife and make deliberate cuts away from you.  You can also remove any excess fat if you wish; however, if left intact it will produce more flavor.  By providing minimal trim and leaving it for you to determine how much you want your steaks to be trimmed, we are able to pass along costs savings of as much as 30%.


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