Frenched Pork Ribeye Roast


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We consider this roast our Prime Rib of pork… Best when enjoyed with a table full of friends.

Afraid of cooking a special meal for guests?  Great news, as one of the best things about our Rack of Pork, is that it’s incredibly easy to cook, carve & serve.  Our 8-rib (4 to 4 1/4 lb.roast ) will serve six to eight.


Always shipped frozen inside a reusable insulated cooler packed in dry ice.

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A roast you will be proud to serve your guests for holidays or any festive gathering.

This is the most flavorful, tender piece of pork you can taste.  Think of a Frenched Pork Ribeye Roast as if it were a Prime Rib of Pork. The meat will be tender and juicier than you have ever had before.

The secret to having this roast come out tender and juicy is in the roasting process.  A very high temperature for a short time will sear and seal the meat, keeping the juices inside. You just want to make sure to reduce the heat in the oven to finish the slow roasting process, which not only ensures a juicy cut of meat but also helps reduce shrinkage of the product.

You also want to remember to always cook the meat with the fat side up, so the fat runs through the meat as it roasts, rather than just into the pan. Don’t worry about trimming any extra fat away before roasting, you can always remove it before serving.  The fat and bones of this roast are what deliver the outstanding flavor.   For more information on how to prepare and cook this roast see our tips page on How to cook a roast.


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